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The Wells Gallery

One Sanctuary Beach Dr.

Kiawah Island, SC 29455



For over a decade, The Wells Gallery has played a strong role in developing historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina into a fine art destination. Through its ever changing collection of fine art, the gallery successfully represents an eclectic grouping of contemporary artists from the surrounding region and abroad, who paint in a variety of styles and subject matter.

Continuing in the tradition of the Wells Gallery, the premiere gallery at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island is dedicated to providing its visitors with a distinctive grouping of contemporary works. Residing within the walls of The Sanctuary hotel, this innovative and unique gallery has been carefully designed to enthrall its visitors with its collection of original oil paintings, watercolors, sculpture and glass produced by some of the nation's most sought after artists.

Primarily presenting the works of regional artists who have proven to embrace the Island for all its splendor and natural beauty, the gallery is the region's only to specialize in works of art that celebrate Kiawah Island. In addition to exhibitions and workshops with regional artists the gallery plans to host exhibitions for visiting artists from all around the country.

Works exhibited by the following artists: Karen Larson Turner, Shannon Smith, George Pate, Jennifer Smith Rogers, Gary Gowans, Glenn Harrington, Betty Anglin Smith, Felice Killian, and Russell Gordon.

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Although we are not actively seeking new artists at this time, all work is reviewed.

Submissions should include the following:

1: All submissions to be made via postal mail, which is preferred, or email; we do
    not accept walk-in submissions. Do not call or email to follow up on your
2: Send images of your work on a CD -- please include titles, media,
    dimensions, and retail price -- If you submit electronically, final email should be
    no more than 2 MB total size. DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE EMAIL. If your
    images are too large to send in a single email, burn the images to a cd and send
    via postal mail.
3: Include contact information, website link, biographical data, exhibition history,
    artist statement, reviews and any other support material, within reason.
4: Any hard copy or physical materials sent to the gallery will not be returned unless
    a self addressed, postage paid envelope is included with your submission.

Self-addressed stamped envelope with adequate pre-paid postage for return of CD and submission information.

Please note that the gallery will not return CD's without a return envelope. You are also welcome to include reviews, announcements, and other written materials which discuss your work.

After we have had the opportunity to review your work, we will either return your materials or contact you to arrange an appointment.

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, please understand that it is not possible for the gallery to critique work on an individual basis.

Please do not bring original work to the gallery to accompany your portfolio. After the review, we will set up a First Hand Review if we would like to see originals.

Thank  you for your interest in The Wells Gallery.

The Wells Gallery’s submission policy for artists strongly favors materials that are submitted on a CD through the mail.

* In the event that we wish to further consider your work, we will contact you directly. Approximate response time is six weeks. Please also note that we do not, under any circumstances, grant in - person appointments unless images have been reviewed and found to be of interest to the gallery.

If you feel that your work was inappropriately overlooked, please allow a period of not less than six months to elapse before re-submitting. Please submit recent works only.

Wells Gallery • Historic Charleston • 125 Meeting Street off Queen • Charleston, SC 29401 • 843.853.3233

Wells Gallery • Kiawah Island • One Sanctuary Beach Drive • Kiawah Island, SC 29455 • 843.576.1290


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