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Mark Catesby

Mark Catesby was born April 3, 1683 and was baptized in Castle Hedingtham, Essex. Catesby studied natural history in London before coming to Virginia in 1712. Mark Catesby was an early naturalist from London who made two trips to America,

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This artist also has titles at Wells Gallery Historic Charleston.

Phalaena Fusca and the Great Moth

The Mock Bird and the Dogwood Tree
The Turtle of Carolina
The Largest White Bill Woodpecker
The Blue Jay and the Bay Leaved Smilax
The Rice Bird
The Red Wing'd Starling
The Parrot of Carolina
The Cuckow of Carolina and the Chinkapin
The Goat Sucker of Carolina
The Little Owl
The Little Black Bulfinch and the Fringe Tree
The Hooded Titmouse and the Water Tupelo
The Bastard Baltimore and the Catalpa Tree
The Attamusco Lily and Vespa
The Yellow and Black Pye
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