Glenn Harrington
Kiawah Ibis   20" x 30" oil on linen

John Michiels
Drayton Hall #20 9/40    photograph

Curt Butler
Chariots of the Sky   48" x 48" oil on canvas

Marshall Noice
Pond, Kiawah   11" x 15" pastel

Mary Anne Mitchell
Abandoned Shade   24" x 28" photograph

Earl B. Lewis
Harriet Tubman   23" x 47" watercolor

Mark Catesby
The Rice Bird   19" x 24" lithograph

Sally Tharp
Mostly Blue   36" x 48" oil on canvas

Earl B. Lewis
Lashonine   15" x 9" mixed media

Spruill Hayes
Ready to Roast   16" x 12" oil on panel

Daniel Lai
Double Consciousness   24" x 24" mixed media

Mark Catesby
The Mock Bird and the Dogwood Tree   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
The Green Tree Frog and the Scunk Weed   19" x 24" lithograph

Eric Tardif
The Flight   13" x 14" bronze

Earl B. Lewis
Going to Church   12" x 17" watercolor

Russell Gordon
Apple Basket   16" x 19" oil on linen

Russell Gordon
By the Skin of Our Teeth   12" x 18" oil on linen

Mark Catesby
The Little Black Bulfinch and the Fringe Tree   19" x 24" lithograph

Russell Gordon
The Frog Prince   7" x 8" oil on board

Mary Anne Mitchell
Sun Dappled   28" x 24" photograph