Karen Larson Turner
Earth's Embrace   36" x 48" oil on linen

Mark Catesby
The Rice Bird   19" x 24" lithograph

Junko Ono Rothwell
Trees at the Ocean Course   24" x 36" oil on canvas

Michael Reibel
South Carolina Cloudscape   9" x 12" oil on linen

Sally Tharp
Follow Your Light   24" x 48" oil on canvas

Rick McClure
A Special Place   18" x 24" oil on canvas

Eric Tardif
The Great Twist   72" x 26" mixed media

John Michiels
Perfect Speed # 1   26" x 22" photograph

Betty Anglin Smith
Quarter Moon   68" x 48" oil on canvas

Mark Catesby
The Parrot Fish   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
The Largest White Bill Woodpecker   19" x 24" lithograph

Glenn Harrington
Tide Pools and Blue Tube   20" x 24" oil on board

Junko Ono Rothwell
Coastal Marsh Sunset   30" x 40" oil on canvas

Glenn Harrington
Yearlings   10" x 8" oil on linen

Russell Gordon
Red Blues   11" x 14" oil on linen

Mark Catesby
Magnolia Flore Albo   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
The Turn Stone or Sea Dottrel   19" x 24" lithograph

John Michiels
Point Reyes Lighthouse    photograph

Russell Jewell
From Here to Eternity   16" x 12" watercolor

Mark Catesby
The Land Crab   19" x 24" lithograph