Junko Ono Rothwell
View from San Pietro in Vincoli   9.5" x 7" watercolor

Mary Anne Mitchell
Abandoned Shade   24" x 28" photograph

Mark Catesby
The Mock Bird and the Dogwood Tree   19" x 24" lithograph

Russell Gordon
Sanderling   9" x 12" oil on linen

Sally Tharp
Patience.   48" x 24" oil on canvas

Earl B. Lewis
Cotton Tower   22" x 14" watercolor

Mary Anne Mitchell
Low Country Backyard   24" x 28" photograph

Mark Catesby
The Turn Stone or Sea Dottrel   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
The Land Frog, The Water Frog, and the Green Tree Frog   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
The Mullet   19" x 24" lithograph

Karen Larson Turner
Washing Ashore   10" x 24" oil on linen

Mark Catesby
Steuartia   19" x 24" lithograph

Sally Tharp
Double Horizons   36" x 60" oil on canvas

Rick McClure
Rolling Marsh Grasses   20" x 30" oil on linen

Betty Anglin Smith
On the Stono River   48" x 48" oil on canvas

The Vault of Wells Gallery
In the Garden of the Prophets, Gary Gowans   20" x 30" oil on canvas

Mark Catesby
The Oyster Catcher   19" x 24" lithograph

John Michiels
Sidewalk View II   25" x 31" photograph

Mary Anne Mitchell
Eye on the Horizon   24" x 28" photograph

Spruill Hayes
To Brighten Your Day   12" x 9" oil on panel